Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Creative Paralysis due to Continuous Partial Attention

There's a mouthful for you! It's my new phrase, which I created following a couple of sessions on my degree course.  And it's interesting that I am posting this after a piece about how wonderful the iPhone is. 

It suddenly struck me whilst exploring the concept of 'technology and creative spaces' how we have to choose and use technology wisely. Technology and the demands of our fast-paced society could potentially stifle our ability to get on and create, innovate, or problem-solve.

I suppose it's all about focus.  It's easy to get distracted by emails, texts, Skype, Twitter and catching up on social networking sites.  It good to keep yourself informed but 'multi-attending' is turning into a way of life for many and it starts at a young age.

I see this as a huge issue for organisations as they start to employ Gen Z.  How to harness their energy, curiosity and creativity whilst keeping them focussed on the task in hand?

My friend, Jackie, is a big fan of Mindfulness and my business partner, Roger doesn't go in for mobile technology.  What else can we do?